About Toodleoo Floral Co.

Toodleoo's mission is to honor and celebrate all moments of life—especially the tender close—with a heartfelt appreciation for nature.

When I was 14, I worked in a greenhouse. Amid the flowers—their colors, their scents, their natural beauty—I found a bridge between the physical form and the formless. Years later, I visited a local flower shop, and my connection with flowers was renewed. I returned to working with flowers, this time at a small florist's, to feed my soul. I knew that someday I would share this special connection of mine with the world. 

As I got older, I discovered my love for cemeteries. When I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I explored Mount Aubrey Cemetery—our country's oldest garden cemetery. I again felt the tug of spirit as I meandered the rolling green hills and admired the old stone headstones canopied by towering oaks and maples. In Boston, I marveled at the Old Granary Burial Ground along the Freedom Trail. One day in Italy I wandered off the beaten track along the Cinque Terre Trail and happened upon a small cemetery, where on a hilltop I found an amazing gravesite featuring a photo of a man with the most beautiful smile. Later that night, at a little restaurant in the tiny village, I mentioned it to my server. His face glowed as he told me I had visited the gravesite of his ancestor.

Thus I found my calling. The laying of flowers on the grave or casket of a loved one demonstrates our devotion, kindles our connection, and holds them in our memory. At Toodleloo, I combine fresh flowers and biodegradable materials such as twine and raw silk to produce artisanal, sustainable flower arrangements that blend with the natural environment at placement and through dissolution. Inspired by the second-line funeral processions of New Orleans, my creations are at once joyful celebrations of life and reverent acknowledgments of passage and grief. They speak of gratitude for our time together, respect for mother earth, and love everlasting. 

As my grandpa taught me, never say goodbye but instead “so long for now, friend." Toodleoo!

Much love,